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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Winter wear.

Hello all.
Sorry iv been rubbish at blogging , I have currently been so busy job hunting, and volunteering at my local charity shop which i love! I get first dibs on all the exciting things people donate! I am learning so much to do with retail as well and meeting new people which is always exciting. Anyhow, today i had to hand a job application in so thought i would have a mooch around the different charity shops, and feed me addiction of finding a bargain and i did! I brought this chunky knit for a cheapy chep £3.99! It's a tad big but so cosy. I also got the most amazing bag but i'll save that for another day. 

As its winter i have re found my dark lipsticks they make any outfit, and mean i don't have to apply hardly any eye make up, which is always a win.  
(sorry about the rubbish camera lost my charger! back to norm soon)


  1. I'm such a fan of cozy sweaters like that. You're lucky you can check out all the bargains while you're volunteering though!
    Hopefully you can find a job you like!


  2. I love the jumper, and also love the lipstick! Really pretty colour.xx


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