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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Ripped jeans white shirt.

Hat : Pretty Little Thing  (Get your own)
Necklace + Jumper : Primark
Shirt + Boots : H&M
Jeans : George at Asda
Bag : River Island 

So I went shopping with my boyfriend the other day, and he kindly took my blog photos for me, hence why I am giggling in half of them. I did buy some goodies though so I will be blogging them soon. (I may even put some cheeky photos of my finds on my Instagram!) 

This is just a very casual outfit in which I threw together. I am a massive fan of high neck jumpers at the moment and think they look amazing with a statement necklace. I Paired up my trusty white H&M shirt to go underneath. I don't not about you guys but I am not a massive fan of wearing things that don't meet. My jeans are only hip jeans so I feel mega uncomfortable if I have anything above that! I got my boyfriend to DIY my jeans for me while I was getting ready early and I think he has done a pretty good job! I love finding things you have forgot about and revamping them to make you love them even more!

These shoes I have had for ages and adore them! They are really comfy and although I feel like I am going to jump on a horse and ride off into the wild west, i still love them and think they make my outfit more exciting! 

What do you all think? 

As always leave comments and your blog links! I have linked up all my items so you can get them! Remember I have instagram and Twitter too (Links at the side) 

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