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Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Whole lot of Lace

Hat : Pretty Little Thing
Sunglasses : Ebay (Similar here)
Top : Ebay (Exact Here)
Jeans : Topshop 
Bag : Oxfam 
Shoes : Ebay (Similar Here)

I am most definitely a sucker for all things Ebay. I recently brought this lacey number which, I'm not going to lie took a few weeks to come. It cost me a whole £4.00 which lets be honest isn't breaking anyone's bank! I honestly think if you can be patient for a few weeks while it gets shipped from China you can get some serious unique bargains. The sizes are a slight nightmare as a large Chinese size seems to be the equivalent of a small -Medium. I have found always go for a large as you can always work with baggy clothes. 

The Sunglasses are another Ebay bargain again too a while to come but totally worth it!

The Shoes have been sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust tbh. After trying them on again I think they are slightly hit or miss depending on the outfit.a My ripped Topshop jeans are a firm favourite within my jean collection and are extra comfy.

This outfit is one in which I wore for hunting through the Charity shops, which I found some total gems which will more than likely be featured in up coming blog posts. So keep your eyes peeled.  

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