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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Leather pants red lippy.

I went for food today to see off my friend who is going back to university. I went on a massive Primark haul today and found some amazing bargains. Some i was so unsure about but im going to try styling them with things id normally not think to do.

Necklace- H&M
Top and trouser- Primark 
Shoes- H&M
Bag- Marks and spencers.

I was so unsure about these trousers, i had seen then blogged no end at fashion week and thought id bite the bullet and get some myself. Personally i think look right hefty in these photos, however in real like they didn't make me look that big, well i hope not anyways. I love the top it reminds me of the zara ones in which i keep seeing in my magazines, and i thought about styling it with different long sleeved tops underneath. 

Hope you like the post anyways guys, i brought loads of other things too, as well as some thirfted bargains which i will try and blog about soon! 

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