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Thursday, 24 July 2014

All I see is sunshine in the summer.

Im writing this in my back garden with a brew in hand and my feet up! How amazing is this weather we are having at the moment? I feel the constant need to embrace it fully. I also enjoy the rummaging through the summer closet and being able to finally get my pale bare legs out to the world and wear some of my favourite forgotten treasures.

Dress + Necklace - H&M
Shoes - River Island 
Bag - Asda (Similar here!)
Hand Chain - Primark (Similar here!)
Hat - Pretty Little Thing (Get your own!)

I brought this dress from work the other day and adore it! Although it is mega baggy its the coolest thing I own for these roasting summer days. I love the Boho chicness of it, and I can see myself wearing this to a festival with a beautiful Indian style headchain. I brought these shoes in River Islands last season sale and totally forgot I had them until a huge clothing sort out the other day! It's like love all over again, they are amazingly comfy and personally think they look amazing. I'v always wanted a pale green rucksac, and I found the perfect one is Asda of all places! It was mainly brought for holiday use but I think it looks amazing paired with girly dress and bare legs. 

I have festivals coming up soon which I am so excited about, so I will be posting my personal festival fashion seeing as it's one of the best times of the year no?

What do you all think? Comments and blog links are much appreciated! Remember I have Instagram too @claireash1 The link is also in my side bar so feel free to give me a follow, I post more regular fashion on there too!!

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