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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Floral and sunshine

                                                              Black knit jumper- George Asda
                                                              Floral maxi skirt- Primark
                                                              Sunglasses- H&M
                                                              Belt- Thrifted 
                                                              Necklace- Primark 

Summers finally feeling like its here! Being able to venture out wearing a skirt and not shivering is such a beautiful feeling! I teamed this primark maxi skirt with a plain black jumper, as although the weather is starting to pick itself up it was still sightly windy. The block black color i also think complements the skirt and adds a casual simplicity to the whole outfit. I am a major cheap skate when it comes to clothes, and i hate paying high prices (but who doesn't) a majority   of my clothes are thrifted which i love as your not likely to see another girl wearing the same! Im still pretty new to 'posing' and every angle i try i must admit feeling a bit of a Muppet and unable it how i want, however i can only get better!

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