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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hair Care

I have been in Brighton over the weekend for my pre birthday celebrations, so haven't really had the chance to get blogging. Hopefully tomorrow when the weather picks up i might be able to take some photos for you all, as didn't fancy getting soaked trying to pose today. On the other hand i thought i could do a quick post about my different hair care products in which i use.

I'm not really a massive hair person, i use hardly any products on my hair and tend not to straighten but naturally leave it to dry. I am a lucky bugger in the sense i can have natural wave  to my hair so i am able to just messily pin it up. 
1.Aussie Take the heat Conditioner 
2.Aussie Mirical hair insurance conditioner 
3.Aussie Miracle moist Shampoo

I have been using these Aussie products for about a month now, and i really feel the condition of my hair has improved. I try and swap my shampoos every so often as i heard a myth it can be good for your hair? However i think i will be hooked on these products for quite some time as i love them! 

1.Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo. This shampoo is designed for dry and damaged hair types, and contains nut oil in which conditions the hair. As you can see from my photos i am a sucker for dip dying my hair, which has not helped the condition continually bleaching. However this shampoo is amazing, i only apply a small amount as it is very generous and it honestly makes my hair feel so revitalized, and it smells amazing which is a massive bonus. 
2. Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance. I use this conditioning spray on towel dried hair. I spray it all over but more so on my ends. This product contains Australian Jojoba oil, which works towards detangerling and protection of the hair. It does suggest you comb through however i never do and it works on my hair a treat!! Again the sent of this is amazing. 
3. Aussie Take the Heat 3 Minute Miracle. This product us a deep conditioning treatment for hair, it's mainly aimed at those who use heat products on there hair, which i admit when i'm in a hurry blow drying is a necessity. My mum uses this product also as she is a straightening junky, and tends to put no heat spray on her hair, so by conditioning with this product she is at;east getting some protection. I do love this conditioner,  its a 3 minuted treatment but it makes your hair feel mega soft. I personally only use this product on the ends of my hair as conditioning the top makes it hard for me to style.

4. Charles Worthington Detangerling Spray. I religious use this product it works amazing for removing tangles from my mane. I use it from roots to tips and it makes my hair smooth, silky and tangle free! I am a nightmare when it comes to combing my hair, i never do as i think it adds unneeded frizz so i use this spray in replacement. I also brought this from home bargains on the cheap, so get yourselves in there!

5. Pro:voke Touch of Silver. I got told to use this by a friend for the ends of my hair in which i have bleached. I admit it works amazing and really takes the brassyness out of the color however, it states to only    use it twice a week which i think is essential. I love this product by it does make my hair so dry after using it, so i have to double up on my conditioner after using it. For those who have blonde hair i would most defiantly hype it, as the results are visible, and it's cheap to buy.

Sorry about the lack of outfit posts, back to normal soon!

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