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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There's lots of things you pull out lipstick for.

I am a massive lipstick fan, and it's only those rare occasions in which i won't wear any. I love the fact i could go out with just lipstick on and it take the emphasis off the fact i haven't done my full eye make up. I tend to do one or the other, and that's  purely as my face can't take a lot of make up! Eye shadows have never suited me, so i became a lippy lover instead! I have reviewed some the different lipsticks i have just so you guys can see the different shades how pigmented they are and basically is they are worth the money.
1. Rimmel Apocalips 5.5ml 
I really love this lip lacqeur. I must admit £7.00 was a shocking price for lipstick, however I brought it on a whim at a market for £4.00 and i can not lie it was money well spent. the pigmentation of this lipstick is unbelievable. I first tested this on a night out, and was shocked that it hardly needed retouching through out the whole night! I has a very moist feel to it when applied and leaves your lips completely unstained! (one thing which really bugs me about lippy) The other thing a lot of lipsticks tend t do it run off the lips and cause smudging  however there was no sign of this whilst wearing this lacquer. The only bad thing about this lippy is that you have to apply it perfectly due to the bold color, slip ups are very noticeable.  
This lipstick is my all time summer favorite! For those of you who have not heard of Make Up Academy you are missing out! i have  few different types of there make up including and eye brow pallet which is some what amazing and so cheap! This lip stick cost me a whole £1.00. The color is a light shade coral, and is so moist on the lips, it also smells amazing! i love this color although i do think you could get a more substantial one for more money. I wear this through the day as i think its not so much 'in your face' which some times can be a good thing. 

I brought this the other day and have not had chance to match it to any of my outfits yet! As you can see the color is an amazing dark shimmer purple. I love dark color lipsticks, however this one is so different as it is dark but almost light at the same time. It goes on amazing and has amazing coverage of the lips. I do think it is one that you would have to wear with very bare eyes or you could look like your going out for halloween!

4.Avon Beeswax Lipstick
I have searched the Avon website for this and i can't find it. It's the most fascinating lipstick i own, the color itself is white but added to the lips is a gorgeous pastel shimmer pink. It is made from beeswax so it mega amazing for your lips. They do three colors when i brought this, this one, red and clear. I wear this a lot also as it makes my lips feel like they have the equivalent of vasaline on. I was amazed a lipstick could be this beautiful, and t make things even better i think i payed a measly £2.99-£3.00 for it. Can't complain! 

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