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Monday, 19 October 2015

The Perfect Camel Coat...

Sunglasses : (Similar Here)
Coat : Thrifted 
Polo neck Top ; Primark 
Jeans : Topshop 
Shoes : Public Desire (Get your own here)

So I went to get my locks chopped the other day which is always a sad time when you feel those months of convincing yourself your hair has grown is pretty much cut short the moment the scissors hit the do. I need to keep in mind that cutting hair will make it grow. (At least I hope so) 

To make myself feel better I went for a rummage round the hundreds of charity shops which surround town. Now I am an official home owner I jump at the chance to find some crazy vintage tea set hidden away in the corner, however as all you regular readers of my blog will know I am a massive massive fan of thrifted clothes. I stumbled over this utter Gem hidden in with the not so fashionable old lady coats. I was slightly unsure at first but after my mum basically harassing me to buy it as it was such a bargain I caved.

It cost me £9.99 and is made of wool and cashmere... I say not more. Though the best way to style this would be the simpler the better, so I thought a basic Primark top and my ripped Topshop Jeans. I finished the look with these all time favourite Public desire shoes. I think they add some extra excitement to the outfit.  Slight shoe heaven

What do you all think? What do you think about the way I styled this thrifty coat? 

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

That Grey Thing.

Co Ord: Missguided (Here)
Scarf and Shoes : H&M 

Short post tonight boys and girls. I brought this two piece from missguided a while ago and have always been so unsure how to style it. TBH i always seem to wear one or the other but never together. It is most defiantly one of my warmest winter wardrobe pieces for sure! 

These shoes are just amazing. I brought them like 2 years ago from H&M, I saw them on a blogger and fell in love! It took a whole lot of searching to find them as no H&M seemed to sell them! They add a bit extra to this outfit as personally I adore chunky heels with practically anything!

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