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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

There's lots of things you pull out lipstick for.

I am a massive lipstick fan, and it's only those rare occasions in which i won't wear any. I love the fact i could go out with just lipstick on and it take the emphasis off the fact i haven't done my full eye make up. I tend to do one or the other, and that's  purely as my face can't take a lot of make up! Eye shadows have never suited me, so i became a lippy lover instead! I have reviewed some the different lipsticks i have just so you guys can see the different shades how pigmented they are and basically is they are worth the money.
1. Rimmel Apocalips 5.5ml 
I really love this lip lacqeur. I must admit £7.00 was a shocking price for lipstick, however I brought it on a whim at a market for £4.00 and i can not lie it was money well spent. the pigmentation of this lipstick is unbelievable. I first tested this on a night out, and was shocked that it hardly needed retouching through out the whole night! I has a very moist feel to it when applied and leaves your lips completely unstained! (one thing which really bugs me about lippy) The other thing a lot of lipsticks tend t do it run off the lips and cause smudging  however there was no sign of this whilst wearing this lacquer. The only bad thing about this lippy is that you have to apply it perfectly due to the bold color, slip ups are very noticeable.  
This lipstick is my all time summer favorite! For those of you who have not heard of Make Up Academy you are missing out! i have  few different types of there make up including and eye brow pallet which is some what amazing and so cheap! This lip stick cost me a whole £1.00. The color is a light shade coral, and is so moist on the lips, it also smells amazing! i love this color although i do think you could get a more substantial one for more money. I wear this through the day as i think its not so much 'in your face' which some times can be a good thing. 

I brought this the other day and have not had chance to match it to any of my outfits yet! As you can see the color is an amazing dark shimmer purple. I love dark color lipsticks, however this one is so different as it is dark but almost light at the same time. It goes on amazing and has amazing coverage of the lips. I do think it is one that you would have to wear with very bare eyes or you could look like your going out for halloween!

4.Avon Beeswax Lipstick
I have searched the Avon website for this and i can't find it. It's the most fascinating lipstick i own, the color itself is white but added to the lips is a gorgeous pastel shimmer pink. It is made from beeswax so it mega amazing for your lips. They do three colors when i brought this, this one, red and clear. I wear this a lot also as it makes my lips feel like they have the equivalent of vasaline on. I was amazed a lipstick could be this beautiful, and t make things even better i think i payed a measly £2.99-£3.00 for it. Can't complain! 

Monday, 29 April 2013

Birds flying high

I had recently been thrifting and found some amazing goodies! I work in a charity shop so i really am mega lucky when it comes to finding bargains, and unique items. Although the weather here is mega cold today i braved the showers and wind to show off this amazing find.

Top- Thrifted 
Trousers- H&m
Shoes- Thrifted although similar here
Hat- H&m similar here

I brought these trousers a while ago in the sale and haven't come round to wearing them, however when i found this top it was clear how well they would match! This top i personally love, it looks amazing with any kind of tight fitting trousers seeing at it has a long floaty back. I think i payed round about 4 pound for it, and it still had the price tag on! I have an obsession with buying two sizes bigger tops, i just love the over sized boyfriend shirt look, in fact i am pretty sure that a majority of my wardrobe is filled with larger clothes! The shoes speak for them selves i think, i saw them on some other bloggers pages, and when i saw them in a charity shop i was over the moon. I have left links to some of the items i am wearing so you should all take a look!!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Little Black Dress

1. Little black dress perfume 50ml priced at £6.50. This perfume is basically what i live in. I have always shopped with Avon and some of their products are amazing value for money. This fragrance in particular has a very summer time sent, with a mix of high fragrance flowers and rich fruits. It is such a basic sent, that does not over power but holds its sent for long periods of time. I am such a fan of this perfume i also brought the mist/body spray which is the exact same sent in which comes in a 100ml bottle priced at £5.00 or 2 for £6.00. I normally keep the mist spray in my bag for a top up later in the day, and for those rushed mornings where you forget to put your perfume on. For the price you really can not go wrong, and i personally think the sent of this perfume is a strong competitor against high end perfumes. I really can not praise this perfume enough!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

April Showers

What up all! 

I wore this outfit to go and get my eyes tested, although i also managed to fit in some serious thrifiting! The weather here is so up and down, and i am finding it so hard to keep a summer vibe yet keep warm!  Bring me some constant sunshine so i can get my pins out! This top i love and forgot i had, it's a Topshop classic and looks amazing to casual down blazers and jackets. The polka dot jacket i found in after rummaging through a huge trunk at a vintage shop and for a fiver you can't really go wrong. 

Face top- Topshop
Polka Dot top- Vintage
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Primark

I really like this look as i think its so simple yet comfy. The primark bag is my all time favorite, as it is so very practical, fits my life in yet looks super amazing. A majority of my acsessories are from Primark, but with such cheap prices it would be rude not too! I have been thrifting all day, and i have found some amazing bargains which i can not wait to show you all! Watch this space!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Floral and sunshine

                                                              Black knit jumper- George Asda
                                                              Floral maxi skirt- Primark
                                                              Sunglasses- H&M
                                                              Belt- Thrifted 
                                                              Necklace- Primark 

Summers finally feeling like its here! Being able to venture out wearing a skirt and not shivering is such a beautiful feeling! I teamed this primark maxi skirt with a plain black jumper, as although the weather is starting to pick itself up it was still sightly windy. The block black color i also think complements the skirt and adds a casual simplicity to the whole outfit. I am a major cheap skate when it comes to clothes, and i hate paying high prices (but who doesn't) a majority   of my clothes are thrifted which i love as your not likely to see another girl wearing the same! Im still pretty new to 'posing' and every angle i try i must admit feeling a bit of a Muppet and unable it how i want, however i can only get better!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Eyes on you

Long time no blog! My camera has been broken for a ridiculous amount of time so i haven't been able to make my mum attempt to take photos of me! The weather her is so delicious recently and i am actually starting to leave the house without a million layers for warmth. Loads of different things have been happening and i have been a uber busy bee with work and my social life.

This top is so amazing! I saw it in look magazine and me and my sister rushed to asda to find it! Being the jammy person i am, only my size was left. I am excited to try this top with different looks now the weather is picking up and i might finally be able to get out the rut of coats, jumpers and trousers! Me and my sister also went on am amazing trip to Paris which i am so excited to show you all!

Hope all is well guys!!