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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Leather pants red lippy.

I went for food today to see off my friend who is going back to university. I went on a massive Primark haul today and found some amazing bargains. Some i was so unsure about but im going to try styling them with things id normally not think to do.

Necklace- H&M
Top and trouser- Primark 
Shoes- H&M
Bag- Marks and spencers.

I was so unsure about these trousers, i had seen then blogged no end at fashion week and thought id bite the bullet and get some myself. Personally i think look right hefty in these photos, however in real like they didn't make me look that big, well i hope not anyways. I love the top it reminds me of the zara ones in which i keep seeing in my magazines, and i thought about styling it with different long sleeved tops underneath. 

Hope you like the post anyways guys, i brought loads of other things too, as well as some thirfted bargains which i will try and blog about soon! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Long time no talk.

I have been ridiculous buy over the last few weeks, as much as i would love to say it was due to fashion week reality is i have been working none stop. By the time i get home its dark and trying to take photos has been literally a nightmare!

Neckalce- Thrifted 
Jumpsuit- H&M
Cardigan- Thrifted
Shoes- H&M

This is the snugglest cardi i have ever brought. Not only that but i adore the color as it is so prominent and different. i paired it with this H&M jumpsuit which i brought from work the other day. This jumpsuit however is like marmite for me, some days i love it and other days i feel mega frumpy in it. However i think by adding a crop underneath it highlights some femininity to the look, and also highlights my figure as the jumper and jumpsuit are both over sized in their own right.The shoes, well they speak for them selves, they are still a firm favorite within my shoes collection, i'm just so sad they are slightly scuffed from nights out!!!

Im going to trry my hardest to blog loads more this week and weekend as iv got more time off from life/ As always feel free to let me no what you think! hope you are all well :)