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Monday, 19 October 2015

The Perfect Camel Coat...

Sunglasses : (Similar Here)
Coat : Thrifted 
Polo neck Top ; Primark 
Jeans : Topshop 
Shoes : Public Desire (Get your own here)

So I went to get my locks chopped the other day which is always a sad time when you feel those months of convincing yourself your hair has grown is pretty much cut short the moment the scissors hit the do. I need to keep in mind that cutting hair will make it grow. (At least I hope so) 

To make myself feel better I went for a rummage round the hundreds of charity shops which surround town. Now I am an official home owner I jump at the chance to find some crazy vintage tea set hidden away in the corner, however as all you regular readers of my blog will know I am a massive massive fan of thrifted clothes. I stumbled over this utter Gem hidden in with the not so fashionable old lady coats. I was slightly unsure at first but after my mum basically harassing me to buy it as it was such a bargain I caved.

It cost me £9.99 and is made of wool and cashmere... I say not more. Though the best way to style this would be the simpler the better, so I thought a basic Primark top and my ripped Topshop Jeans. I finished the look with these all time favourite Public desire shoes. I think they add some extra excitement to the outfit.  Slight shoe heaven

What do you all think? What do you think about the way I styled this thrifty coat? 

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

That Grey Thing.

Co Ord: Missguided (Here)
Scarf and Shoes : H&M 

Short post tonight boys and girls. I brought this two piece from missguided a while ago and have always been so unsure how to style it. TBH i always seem to wear one or the other but never together. It is most defiantly one of my warmest winter wardrobe pieces for sure! 

These shoes are just amazing. I brought them like 2 years ago from H&M, I saw them on a blogger and fell in love! It took a whole lot of searching to find them as no H&M seemed to sell them! They add a bit extra to this outfit as personally I adore chunky heels with practically anything!

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Leopard and Leather

Jumper : Primark 
Shorts : H&M
Shoes : Zara

I have been having a massive life clear out on Ebay! Nearly half of wardrobe has been kissed goodbye and I still have more to add! I am most defiantly one of those people who convinces myself that I need to keep everything and giving it away is just not an option. I mean we have to let go of the spice girl platform shoes at some point!

It is so dreamy when you search through things to chuck out though and then find some totally gems you forgot you had. ( Story of my life) So these shoes are on of them! I brought them off Ebay for a total bargain and have only worn them a few times as the floors on nights out here are like being in a field in Leeds Festival. 

The jumper is a classic Primark and I picked it up in the Sale for a measly £3.00. Its one of my go to casual jumpers as it looks amazing with most outfits. I paired it with these leather shorts as i still feel slight summery, although I am currently sat writing this in a massive woolly jumper!! However I must admit I am slightly excited I will be able to layer again in winter!! 

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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Madam Rage

Hat : Pretty Little Thing 
Dress : Madam Rage (Website here)
Shoes: Public Desire (Here)
Clutch Bag : Primark  

So the lovely people at Madam Rage got in contact with me regarding their A/W 15 collection. This collection has some beautiful prints and styles and incorporates some gorgeous colours, it makes the transition of summer to Autumn a whole lot more exciting.  

They are a UK brand and their beautiful clothes can be found in stores such as New look, Debenhams as well as a range of smaller boutiques. If your like me and never have time to go out shopping  shop everything online they also have a Website. There is a vast range of trends for everyone, and at such affordable prices which who doesn't love? I would highly recommend checking them out.

I styled this Gorgeous Green Bodycon dress with a nude pair of lace up Public Desire Heels and my trusty Pretty Little Thing hat which basically goes with anything and everything. As the British weather is forever full of surprises I shot this look on a roasting day which meant pairing it with these heels was an easy choice. I do however think this look could be paired with some winter boots and a chunky knit when we head into those winter months. 

 This dress is so pretty by itself it needs very little styled along side it hence my minimalistic jewellery. I think my favourite thing about this dress it the peplum sleeves and hem, it makes this dress extra feminine and is just so pretty, I am so glad it is a new collection within my wardrobe. 

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

A Whole lot of Lace

Hat : Pretty Little Thing
Sunglasses : Ebay (Similar here)
Top : Ebay (Exact Here)
Jeans : Topshop 
Bag : Oxfam 
Shoes : Ebay (Similar Here)

I am most definitely a sucker for all things Ebay. I recently brought this lacey number which, I'm not going to lie took a few weeks to come. It cost me a whole £4.00 which lets be honest isn't breaking anyone's bank! I honestly think if you can be patient for a few weeks while it gets shipped from China you can get some serious unique bargains. The sizes are a slight nightmare as a large Chinese size seems to be the equivalent of a small -Medium. I have found always go for a large as you can always work with baggy clothes. 

The Sunglasses are another Ebay bargain again too a while to come but totally worth it!

The Shoes have been sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust tbh. After trying them on again I think they are slightly hit or miss depending on the outfit.a My ripped Topshop jeans are a firm favourite within my jean collection and are extra comfy.

This outfit is one in which I wore for hunting through the Charity shops, which I found some total gems which will more than likely be featured in up coming blog posts. So keep your eyes peeled.  

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Boho White Top.

Top : Thrifted 
Shoes : Public Desire (Similar Here)
Watch : Nixon 
Sunglasses : Ebay (Similar Here)

So it has been a while.

I have been an unreliable blogger to my blog. I just find myself wearing good outfits and forgetting to take some snaps in them! However I have been slightly more active on my Instagram, purely for the fact it is so easy to take one snap on my phone and upload it. So remember to follow me on there @claireash1.

This top is one which has been hanging in my wardrobe forever (I forgot I had it) and I have been debating selling. After trying it on again I have fallen in love with it and think selling it would only be a regrettable decision. I have been lusting after the Zara tops in this kind of Boho style, so what's better than actually finding one sitting in your wardrobe. I paired it with these huge chunky Public desire platforms which are so comfy are go with literally anything.

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Brown Cam

Necklace + Jeans : Primark 
Shirt : H&M
Coat : Thrifted 
Bag : Marks and Spencer 
Boots : Public Desire

So shock shock shock I haven't blogged in ages! Thing is I totally forgot last weekend even though I wore way too many bloggerble outfits! 

This coat was a massive Bargain with a capital B.I have been eagerly looking for a camel coat everywhere but never had chance to get my hands on one. When I saw this I was sold, even though it is a size 16 and not light camel I just can't complain. The colour I actually really like and lets be honest the whole planet has got light camel coats nowdays. Nothing wrong with being a little different! 

My boots are from Public Desire and they are the kind of boots you could literally live in. I wore these to go mothers day shopping and I could have kept them on to go dancing. I would highly recommend getting a pair of these as they match basically anything and make a sassy highlight to any outfit. 

Hope you are all having a wonderful mothers day, and have spoilt your mother goose's rotten! Let me no what you think of the outfit, and also make sure you leave some links to your blogs too! 

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