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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Dancing in the pale moonlight.

This weekend has been crazzzy! I have been here there and everywhere as well as working as not retail worker get a bank holiday off!

Hat- H&M
Shirt- Primark 
Necklace- NewLook
Shorts- Miss Selfridge
Rings- Primark and Topshop
Shoes- Primark 

This is such a casual outfit, and i threw it together to go grab some food after work with my friend. I think variety is what makes a blog, giving you looks id wear out and then just through the day. I brought this shirt sooo long ago and it has continually been a favourite throw on piece as it goes with everything and looks very casual. This necklace i would also like to highlight was an utter bargain! I went into my local new look the other day and they had reduced a huge stand of necklaces and other jewelry to a £1!! as you can imagine i got my moneys worth and brought half the stand. I'm trying to get my wear out of these Primark sandals before the summer is official over, and i have to wear socks and boots!

I hope you all had an amazing bank holiday weekend and have recovered from all the alcohol! As always let me no what you think of the outfit!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

I'm begging you, carry me home.

I have currently come to the conclusion i'm never going to be the everyday outfit blogger, as much as i would love to i just don't have enough time! On the other hand my instagram does contain some outfit of the day post in which i personally think make up for the lack of blogging posts! Check me out at Claireash1

Hat- H&M
Crop top- Ebay
Skirt- Thrifted 
Shoes and necklace- Primark 
Bag- Thrifted 

I went to V Fest this weekend, which was different to all the other festivals i have been. I had a great time and got to see Beyonce (which was basically the highlight if my weekend), but it's deffo not my kind of festival, im so much more a Leeds fest kind of girl, i love the grungy look of Leeds Fest! Anyways back to the outfit of today! Finally got round to doing a bit of a brighter post as i feel iv been boring the blogosphere with black! My floral skirt i found rummaging through a vintage shop and i love it, i payed a measly £5er for it! My main favorite thing though are these unbelievable Primark shoes! I payed £16 for these but i personally think they looks triple the amount! I am so please with them they are simple yet make everything look so classy!! Bloggers you need to get yourselves your own!

Hope you all like today's look! As as always please feel free to comment i love reading all kinds of feed back and it's nice to no someone out there is reading my blog :) 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Strawberry Field Festival.

I went to a local music festival over the course of this weekend, hence why i have not been blogging. It's only a small festival but continually grows throughout the years. I thought however this would be a perfect opportunity to show you all what i personally wear to festivals. I only took these with my phone so they are not the best quality.

Day 1
Dress- Topshop
Boots- Thrifted
Socks- Topshop
Coat- Matalan (GET YOUR OWN)
Necklace- H&M

Day 2
Hat and Necklace- H&M
Shirt- Thrifted
Shorts- Miss Selfridge 
Boots- Thrifted 
Bag- Thrifted 
Coat- Matalan 
Day 3
Flower head band- Primark (Same here)
Top- H&M
Shorts- Miss Selfridge 
Boots- Thrifted 
Coat- Matalan 

I always find that people always wear the common high waisted shorts and a crop top for festivals! Im not going to lie i did years ago, but now iv grown older i just feel that there is so much more you can do with festival fashion! As you can see a majority of my outfits are thrifted, and im quite happy how i put them al together! I think that hats are perfect as they cover up the un washed hair and also held my hair down in the wind, and on the plus they look very fashionable. I would normally wear wellies to a festival however as it was so sunny and dry this weekend i opted for my thifted boots in which i think worked pretty well with my outfit choices. 

Hope you like my festival oufits, let me no what you all think anyways. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Darling are you going to leave me.

I have been awake since 5 this morning for work, so im looking and feeling pretty sleepy right about now!

Jumper- Matalan
Skirt- H&M (Seen Here)
Bag- Thrifted 
Shoes- River Island
Ring- Primark 

This whole outfit is filled with amazing bargains, which i personally am pretty impressed with! I found this bag in a charity shop and my god, what a find. I paid £2.99 for it which i think is personally a massive bargain if i do say so myself! I'm thinking it's going to be my overnight bag as it is perfect to fit everything in. The skirt is one of my favourite pieces at the moment. It's from H&M and i think it is the perfect skirt for Autumn style. It is very easy to style and goes with a majority of things. My Jumper was from Matalan sale, i paid £7.00 and it is soooo cozy im currently living in it. My shoes were another rummaging find in the River Island sales. I think i sway towards these kind of shoes as they are stupidly comfy, the flat platform is almost like you are walking bare foot, and perfect for long nights out! Thought i'd add  bit of difference to my hair as i no its boring having it samey samey all the time! Remember to check out my twitter and Insagram claireash1. Also let me no what you all think!