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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Block Colour.

I'm just watching the Glasto catch up on telly and i am ridiculous jealous! I'm so sad i';m not there! Chase and Status are my personal old school faves and are the best people ever live!

Anyways back to today's post ;)

Dress- Internacionale 
Bag- H&M
Necklace- Thrifted 
Shoes- Primark 

I brought this dress and was shocked to find block colors are coming back into fashion. Mixed with some neon faves of mine i think it makes a perfect outfit! I always find it shocking that things come into fashion when they are in the sale! My shoes iv blogged hundreds of times but they look amazing and simple with all otfits! My bag is from h&m, i think it is supposed to be used for makeup however i think it looks better as a bag!! . 
I'd also like to announce i got the job i have been interviewed for!!! AGHHHHHH!!!

Let me no what you think of the outfit everyone! Don't forget to follow me on blogloving or twitter or even instagram!  

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sunshine and Buttercups.

Hey blogging world. Had my interview today which fingers and toes crossed went pretty well. I took a few quick snaps after when me and my mum went for a walk. Simple post today i'm afraid!

Top- Primark 
Necklace- Thrifted
Hat- Thrifted/ Vintage 
Sunglasses- Primark 
Skirt- Internacionale 
Shoes- H&M

I went shopping after my interview (which is never good) and found a Internacionale shop which was closing down, this meant everything was reduced and i got myself some right bargains, one of those being my skirt. I'm not a fan of the  long at the back skirts, in fact i hate them personally, however this one i liked as it's not too long at the back which is perfect. Ideally the same length all round would be lavely but hey! Iv blogged my hate in previous posts and also these glasses in which i posted a link to ebay where you can get similar ones HERE!! I adore this necklace, and was thee luckiest girl to get it for a cheap cheapy price of 1.99!! Charity shops are the way forward people!!

Anyways im so sorry it's short and sweet and my outfits not amazingly detailed but everyone needs a casualer day! Let me no what you all think and remember to get adding me on blog loving if you want to keep following my awkward posing!!! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Green with Envy

Iv not been the best blogger this week, i haven been working attending interviews and seeing friends and boy. However, i am currently going to try and blog a bit more regular than my once a week! 

Sunglasses- Primark 
Top- Topshop
Skirt- Primark 
Shoes- Matalan 
Belt- Thfirted 

The internet here is so awful, and i am finding it a painful experience watching my photos upload an inch a minute. This outfit i wore earlier shopping with my nan. As you can see the weather her is beautiful which meant i could get my pins out again! This whole outfit i have had for a while.yet never thought to pair it all together! The top is from topshop and i brought it mainly as i loved the color, it was all i wore when i worked in Magaluf. I love this skirt and am glad i didn't give it away. I personally love denim and i think this skirt is just the right color and length. My shoesies i brought years ago for prom and i have worn these in a post before! 
Nothing much exciting to tell you all this week im afraid, my life is just very much work and sleep/ Also guys don't forget GF is no more on the 1st July so you all need to get adding me on BLOG LOVING! orrrr follow me on twitter @claireashfield    

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

You and me will take control

I am beginning to realize what us bloggers go through  to take photos. The weather today was not so summery but i powered through showing my knickers to the world to show you guys this amazing dress! Good job i live on a quite street!

Sunglasses- Primark 
Neklace- Primark 
Dress- Thrifted/Vintage 
Belt- Thrifted 
Shoes- H&M

I brought these shoes yesterday when i went shopping. I had seen them online when i brought my birthday shoes and was so tempted, however my budget stopped me! When we were wondering around H&M i was  amazed to see these in the sale, the only pair and in my size! I was over the moon and snapped them up for £10. I think they look amazing with everything, and will be so easy to style when summer kicks in for good! My dress is another amazing find from when i went to Paris! Me and my sister spent a whole day following maps and jumping on every tube possible to find all the different vintage shops surrounding Paris. This cost me £5.00 which i personal think is bargain. On the hanger i wasn't too sure but i loved how different it was.

I still need to blog the different things i brought the other day, however as they were all random things they will more than likely crop up in my different outfit posts! 

Hope you are all well and dandy!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Baby you my everythin'

Top- Thrifted 
Jeans- Levis 
Rings- Primark 

Bit of an easy post today outfit wise! These jeans are hand me downs from my mum, and i love them. I just wish they were slightly smaller fitting! The top i brought ages ago from a charity shop, i can't remember how much i paid for it, but i'm sure it was pennies. I wore this top to a local small festival the other night with a skirt and headband.It is am amazing top as it is so flimsy yet looks amazing on. I feel with these jeans they have to be worn with a crop as they are very ovesized and paired with something baggy on top would make me look larger than i am.

I have desperately been tanning in my spare time while the sun is shinning! I am shopping tomorrow with my friend who's just come back from uni, so hopefully i can blog my finds! 

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Red Snakeskin

Today we have been removed of all electric until later tonight, as they are changing the cables. This means i have had to resort to tying my hair up which is a very rare occasion. However, i used the opportunity to wack on some extra dark lippy to take the distraction of my unwashed locks.

Shirt- Thrifted 
Necklace- Primark
Shorts- Topshop
Shoes- Ebay (Grab your own here)

This shirt is one of my favorites. I brought it a while back from a charity shop, and the length is perfect, i think this is because it is a size 20!! (I always buy way oversized clothes) I normally wear it with wet look leggings. My shoes are crazy, and every time i wear them out people say they love them! They are worth the buy i think but you have to be very experimental as yo what you wear them with! Mine unfortunately have marks from peoples clumsy feet treading on them on nights out :(. Iv left a link for you to grab your own pair!!
Hope everyone is well and with electric, i'm over the moon ours has just come back on!!

Another of my favorite songs! have a listen guys is the most relaxed thing ever. Iv got it on cleaning my room as we speak!

Monday, 3 June 2013


Hey bloggers. I had a relaxing day in the sunshine today while applying for lots of jobs, so i'm soaking in as much sunshine while its here. I took some photos today of what i have just been lazing in but thought i better put my heels on to make it look a bit more exciting! My plans for tonight are to laze about and watch MIC. 

Hat- Thrifted Vintage
Necklace- Primark 
Crop top- Ebay (Grab your own here)
Dress- Primark
Shoes -Ebay 

My dress i got the other day from Primark, and was so unsure about it, but after trying it with different things, i have grown to love it. I really want to find a pretty white lace top to go underneath. My hate was a bargin find from when i went to Paris, i paid a while 5 euros for it and i love it. It is made of felt and is such amazing quality! My shoes iv worn before in a previous post. I find myself falling in and out of love with all my different shoes. I have a pair i favorite and forget about the others. Anyways!
Hope you are all enjoying my  blog! Follow me on good old instagram too though as i post alot of different outfit of the days on there! claireash1
As much as i would love to keep blabbering MIC is about to hit my screen.