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Monday, 20 October 2014

Layers Layers Layers

Shoes- New Look 
Boyfriend Jeans- H&M
Cardigan- Primark 
Leather Gilet- River Island 
Top- Ebay 
Bag- Primark 

So the weather is becoming ridiculous cold already, and I might possibly be the coldest person around. However it only means i have an excuse to wear half of my wardrobe together! I brought this leather Gilet a few years ago from River Island in which is a common favourite within my winter wardrobe, purely for the fact it goes with everything! I paired it with this mega long Primark cardi, I like these kind of long short layering but I get they can be slightly Marmiteg to some people!
These New Look shoes are beautys! I have had them a while but when does leopard ever go out of season?! 
My Primark bag I like to think is a right good find! It looks like something out of Zara and costs half the price!! 

Hope you are all good and looking forward the weekend, only 4 more days to go!! Remember it would be lovely if you would all give me a cheeky follow on Instagram @claireash1 (link at side) and Twitter! 

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