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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Leopard and Leather

Jumper : Primark 
Shorts : H&M
Shoes : Zara

I have been having a massive life clear out on Ebay! Nearly half of wardrobe has been kissed goodbye and I still have more to add! I am most defiantly one of those people who convinces myself that I need to keep everything and giving it away is just not an option. I mean we have to let go of the spice girl platform shoes at some point!

It is so dreamy when you search through things to chuck out though and then find some totally gems you forgot you had. ( Story of my life) So these shoes are on of them! I brought them off Ebay for a total bargain and have only worn them a few times as the floors on nights out here are like being in a field in Leeds Festival. 

The jumper is a classic Primark and I picked it up in the Sale for a measly £3.00. Its one of my go to casual jumpers as it looks amazing with most outfits. I paired it with these leather shorts as i still feel slight summery, although I am currently sat writing this in a massive woolly jumper!! However I must admit I am slightly excited I will be able to layer again in winter!! 

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