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Saturday, 27 April 2013

April Showers

What up all! 

I wore this outfit to go and get my eyes tested, although i also managed to fit in some serious thrifiting! The weather here is so up and down, and i am finding it so hard to keep a summer vibe yet keep warm!  Bring me some constant sunshine so i can get my pins out! This top i love and forgot i had, it's a Topshop classic and looks amazing to casual down blazers and jackets. The polka dot jacket i found in after rummaging through a huge trunk at a vintage shop and for a fiver you can't really go wrong. 

Face top- Topshop
Polka Dot top- Vintage
Shoes- Primark
Necklace- Primark

I really like this look as i think its so simple yet comfy. The primark bag is my all time favorite, as it is so very practical, fits my life in yet looks super amazing. A majority of my acsessories are from Primark, but with such cheap prices it would be rude not too! I have been thrifting all day, and i have found some amazing bargains which i can not wait to show you all! Watch this space!

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