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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Eyes on you

Long time no blog! My camera has been broken for a ridiculous amount of time so i haven't been able to make my mum attempt to take photos of me! The weather her is so delicious recently and i am actually starting to leave the house without a million layers for warmth. Loads of different things have been happening and i have been a uber busy bee with work and my social life.

This top is so amazing! I saw it in look magazine and me and my sister rushed to asda to find it! Being the jammy person i am, only my size was left. I am excited to try this top with different looks now the weather is picking up and i might finally be able to get out the rut of coats, jumpers and trousers! Me and my sister also went on am amazing trip to Paris which i am so excited to show you all!

Hope all is well guys!!

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