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Monday, 12 August 2013

Strawberry Field Festival.

I went to a local music festival over the course of this weekend, hence why i have not been blogging. It's only a small festival but continually grows throughout the years. I thought however this would be a perfect opportunity to show you all what i personally wear to festivals. I only took these with my phone so they are not the best quality.

Day 1
Dress- Topshop
Boots- Thrifted
Socks- Topshop
Coat- Matalan (GET YOUR OWN)
Necklace- H&M

Day 2
Hat and Necklace- H&M
Shirt- Thrifted
Shorts- Miss Selfridge 
Boots- Thrifted 
Bag- Thrifted 
Coat- Matalan 
Day 3
Flower head band- Primark (Same here)
Top- H&M
Shorts- Miss Selfridge 
Boots- Thrifted 
Coat- Matalan 

I always find that people always wear the common high waisted shorts and a crop top for festivals! Im not going to lie i did years ago, but now iv grown older i just feel that there is so much more you can do with festival fashion! As you can see a majority of my outfits are thrifted, and im quite happy how i put them al together! I think that hats are perfect as they cover up the un washed hair and also held my hair down in the wind, and on the plus they look very fashionable. I would normally wear wellies to a festival however as it was so sunny and dry this weekend i opted for my thifted boots in which i think worked pretty well with my outfit choices. 

Hope you like my festival oufits, let me no what you all think anyways. 

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