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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

You and me will take control

I am beginning to realize what us bloggers go through  to take photos. The weather today was not so summery but i powered through showing my knickers to the world to show you guys this amazing dress! Good job i live on a quite street!

Sunglasses- Primark 
Neklace- Primark 
Dress- Thrifted/Vintage 
Belt- Thrifted 
Shoes- H&M

I brought these shoes yesterday when i went shopping. I had seen them online when i brought my birthday shoes and was so tempted, however my budget stopped me! When we were wondering around H&M i was  amazed to see these in the sale, the only pair and in my size! I was over the moon and snapped them up for £10. I think they look amazing with everything, and will be so easy to style when summer kicks in for good! My dress is another amazing find from when i went to Paris! Me and my sister spent a whole day following maps and jumping on every tube possible to find all the different vintage shops surrounding Paris. This cost me £5.00 which i personal think is bargain. On the hanger i wasn't too sure but i loved how different it was.

I still need to blog the different things i brought the other day, however as they were all random things they will more than likely crop up in my different outfit posts! 

Hope you are all well and dandy!!