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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sunshine and Buttercups.

Hey blogging world. Had my interview today which fingers and toes crossed went pretty well. I took a few quick snaps after when me and my mum went for a walk. Simple post today i'm afraid!

Top- Primark 
Necklace- Thrifted
Hat- Thrifted/ Vintage 
Sunglasses- Primark 
Skirt- Internacionale 
Shoes- H&M

I went shopping after my interview (which is never good) and found a Internacionale shop which was closing down, this meant everything was reduced and i got myself some right bargains, one of those being my skirt. I'm not a fan of the  long at the back skirts, in fact i hate them personally, however this one i liked as it's not too long at the back which is perfect. Ideally the same length all round would be lavely but hey! Iv blogged my hate in previous posts and also these glasses in which i posted a link to ebay where you can get similar ones HERE!! I adore this necklace, and was thee luckiest girl to get it for a cheap cheapy price of 1.99!! Charity shops are the way forward people!!

Anyways im so sorry it's short and sweet and my outfits not amazingly detailed but everyone needs a casualer day! Let me no what you all think and remember to get adding me on blog loving if you want to keep following my awkward posing!!! 

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