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Monday, 3 June 2013


Hey bloggers. I had a relaxing day in the sunshine today while applying for lots of jobs, so i'm soaking in as much sunshine while its here. I took some photos today of what i have just been lazing in but thought i better put my heels on to make it look a bit more exciting! My plans for tonight are to laze about and watch MIC. 

Hat- Thrifted Vintage
Necklace- Primark 
Crop top- Ebay (Grab your own here)
Dress- Primark
Shoes -Ebay 

My dress i got the other day from Primark, and was so unsure about it, but after trying it with different things, i have grown to love it. I really want to find a pretty white lace top to go underneath. My hate was a bargin find from when i went to Paris, i paid a while 5 euros for it and i love it. It is made of felt and is such amazing quality! My shoes iv worn before in a previous post. I find myself falling in and out of love with all my different shoes. I have a pair i favorite and forget about the others. Anyways!
Hope you are all enjoying my  blog! Follow me on good old instagram too though as i post alot of different outfit of the days on there! claireash1
As much as i would love to keep blabbering MIC is about to hit my screen.

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