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Friday, 16 May 2014

Show me your patterns.

So this weekend is my birthday, as an early gift my mum booked for us to go watch a ballet. I used to dance so going to these kind of things are my favourite. I wore these printed trousers which are obviously from H&M, and I have seen them blogged on so many fashion bloggers sites. Although how can you not they are amazing and fit down to a T.  I find myself wearing all H&M clothes now days but then when you get staff discount it's hard not too. 

Top and Trouser : H&M
Shoes: Ebay (Get your own)
LipStick: Rimmel Apocalypse
Bag: River Island 

These shoes are unbelievable. I brought them off eBay a while ago before the cleated shoe trend went globally crazy. They were on a half price offer so I paid round about £24 for them! I was more enthralled when I received the leather ones instead of the faux ones which were double the price! I have searched eBay for these ones but can't find them anywhere so I have linked some similar ones which I'm thinking of also getting (addicted) I however have been sucked into the craze of cleated shoes and was shocked at the price some where going for. As a little tip get yourselves on eBay now as many sellers have got some going for £20!!    

The weather is looking pretty spectacular right now as I'm writing this! Hope you all enjoy it this weekend, and as always feel free to leave comments and follow if you enjoy my fashion outfit attempts! Also i have Instagram which I post outfits and all sorts @claireash1 

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