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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Give me your all.

Worked day ended up with me finding even more goodies! One of which was this amazing two tone top from H&M. I actually got this for nothing as the color has slightly ran which makes it unsaleable  however i still donated some change towards it!! 

Top- Thrifted 
Skirt- H&M
Hat H&M
Shoes- Primark 
Necklace- Craft Fair 
Bag- Thrifted 

This bag was a present from my amazing friend Becca for my birthday. It from a vintage shop, and i love it! The inside is rd velvet and it just so dainty and amazing. Iv worn these shoes before and i still can't get over they are from Primark! The skirt i have had for such a long time, it is defiantly a favorite in my wardrobe as it goes with everything and looks amazing on. I have noticed my white feet, as my fake bake i had for birthday is fading, so please excuse! 

Favorite song of the week!! Love The XX and this remix is insane!

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