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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The North Borders

Sorry for the lack of blogging i have been mega busy with life! It was my birthday over the weekend and i had no time to blog!! i am going to try and blog all the goodies i got from my amazing friends and family. My guy friend surprised me last night by being taken to a gig to see Bonobo. If you haven't heard of this guy you are missing out as he is insane and i hype him so much more now i have seen him live. I took a few snaps before i went of what i wore, minding you i had no idea of where i was going until we got there,so my outfit choice was a massive casual guess!

Necklace- Arts Fair
Cameo- Topshop
Jacket- Tk-Max
Polo crop- Ebay (Similar Here)
Disco pants- Ebay (Similar here)
Shoes- H&M

I brought these shoes of the H&M website after seeing them on another bloggers blog! They are amazing and got worn all weekend for my birthday! The only bad thing about H&M deliver is they take ages! I brought these a good 2 weeks before my birthday and they only arrived the morning of my birthday! My cameo top i lived in when i worked in Magaluf, it is so comfy and flimsy. I do sometimes feel like im wearing an old mans dressing gown though, due to the shape but hey got to be a bit different. 
Hope you are all having a fabulous week! I am going to make a big attempt to do a lot of outfit post the rest of the week and bank holiday! 

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