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Thursday, 17 July 2014

Old Thing Back

So, I have been so busy and boring all at the same time! If only there were more hours in the day. I have decided I need to save too so limits have been put in place when it comes to clothing. I have no idea why but I convince myself my wardrobe in lacking and in need of new friends to comfort it, when really its over crowded in there with way too many long lost friends. Girls you no what Im saying! 

Co Ord- H&M
Shoes- Cheap Shop Get your similar pair here!!
Sunglasses- H&M

I am not a massive fan of some Co- Ords, I feel along with the high waisted denim shorts the bad wagon has sailed. I'm not saying they are all bad I do own about 3 myself, I am going to base it down to the patterns and some prints being here there and everywhere! However, I do adore this one which I grabbed from H&M. The bottoms are actually not shorts but a skirt, and I do feel these are pushing the limits on how short I would normally wear a skirt but hey it's summer and it's allowed. My shoes are another cheap cheap find. I must seem such a stinger but who doesn't love a bargain! I got these beauties from a little shop priced at a measly £10. I have however linked some Ebay sites you could grab your own from as I think they make a statement with any outfit. 

As always please leave comments, I always love finding new blogs for inspiration I think that's the best way to add to your ow style!

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