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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Leather Lippy

So I have been doing some serious thrifting and ebay shopping and consumed ridiculous amounts of amazing things! Some of which I have featured in this post for all you lucky people.

Top - Thrifted (Similar here)
Trousers - Primark (Similar here)
Shoes - Pretty Little Thing  (Exact ones)
Kimono - H&M
Necklace - Next
Ring - Ebay (Exact one here)

I brought this Kimono from the sale at work, as I had previously had my eye on it, however the  full price tag of £14.99 wasn't so appealing. However, I personally think it is a dream and that may be as im addicted to monochrome things, but lets face it how easy are they to style!! The bralet it one of my amazing charity shop finds, in which I payed a whole £2. I had been obsessing over these for a while now and was debating paying for a faux leather style one, however I was mega chuffed thrifting this beauty. 
The shoes I brought when there was a mad rush for them, and I am still in love with them! Pretty Little Thing are an amazing site to get shoes from, and the quality is amazing for the price, I would most defiantly hype these guys if you are looking for a good pair of platforms. 
My Snake ring is another of my ebay wonders!! I paid something along the lines of £1.99 for this! It is all the way from china so waiting for it to come was a tease but im so happy with it for the price I paid. 

Obviously for those of you who are continuous readers of my blog I try my utter best to link everything I wear and if I can't find the exact ones it will most likely be something similar! I also like to share unusual things i have thrifted as it can get little boring people blogging the same things.

As always your comments regarding my awful posing are very much appreciated! And I love discovering new people and their blogs! I have instagram too and I would love if you could all give me a follow @claireash1.

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