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Monday, 2 June 2014

Baggy trousers

So the weather has been amazing and iv been working..

Top- Ebay (Get yours)
Trousers- Primark 
Shoes- Ebay (Get yours)
Bag- H&M

These trousers are amazing! I wore them to work the other day and they are like wearing PJs! I think i only paid a cheap £10 for them, which i think is amazing. The pattern is so outrageous that i paired them with block plain colors. However, i feel that these posts make me look a little chunky, which i didn't think i did in real life so we will blame the camera. My shoes i pulled out from the back of my wardrobe and feel in love all over again. It's so crazy how many things to forget you have, but the excitement of rediscovering them is the best feeling.

As always leave comments i love discovering all the different bloggers out there, and reading all your feedback on my outfits!

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